Kajol, Ajay Devgan Aur Janta!!!

No, thats not a title of Yash Raj's next movie.
But thats what going to be a fate of a Actor, Actress and Actor-turned-Director and above all the film of course.

Yes, Ajax Devgan now joins the likes of Aamir Khan and other actors who have become Directors.

Ajay Devgan has directed the film "U, Me aur Hum". I suppose it should be a Romantic film.

The trailers and ads looks good though. I would surely go to check for my fav actress.
Kajol, is no doubt one of the finest actress we have in India. And, I would love to see her with my ex-boyfriend {Shah Rukh Khan}, whom I have dumped for "Neil Nitin Mukesh". I am just crazy about him.
Its catching up as a trend in Bollywood, that actors are now trying as Directors as well.
Anyways, what do u think will happen to this film at Box Office? Husband wife pair magic will work or not?
Will it prove a Hit or a Flop???
Let us know, keep dropping u comments.

Review of Jodhaa-Akbar

Simply Awesome Movie!!!

I would rate it 8/10.

Ashutosh has lived upto the story, like he did it in Swadesh, Lagaan.

Ash was looking so stunning with all the designer clothes and jewellery from Neeta Lula. Oh My God. I am so jealous :)

And, Hritik....yummmmy....man he is a real dude. All you guys reading this out there.,...if you really wanna impress a girl...go first check him out and see what girls really die for.

Now, coming to the Music of the film, Hmmmm Rehman is a god level. No doubt some songs of this film are slow and cant be heared at home/party but with respect to the movie they all rock!!!!

In all we all loved the movie, specially if you were to go out with ur Date :)

I heared mixed reactions from my friends, some say it was mind-blowing and others "paisa waste".

Have u seen the movie? What do u think?

Share with us. Drop in ur comments.


Family Problems? Read this....

Once two men sat in a bar drinking.

The first one said to the other ,"I have a hell lot of family problems."

The second one said ,"I'll tell you mine. I married a widow having a young daughter.

A year later my father married my young daughter and so my father became my son-in-law and I became my father's father-in-law.

My daughter is my mother and my wife became my grandmother.

More problems occurred when I had a son. My son is my father's brother and so he is my uncle.

Situations turned worse when my father had a son. Now my father's son i.e. my brother is my grandson.

Ultimately, I have become my own grand father and I am my own grandson.

And you say you have family problems".

Blessed Looks for everyone!!!!!

The four blessed looks:

1.Look back and get experience.

2.Look forward and see future

3.Look around and find truth

4.Look within and find confidence…

what do u think about these lines?

Drop in ur comments...


MySQL Conference in Bangalore!!!!

As the site says

"MySQL AB is pleased to announce that our representatives are meeting with customers and partner candidates during the week of Feb 18 in 4 cities in India. The previous Road Show was held in Nov 2007. We are happy to report that many people have joined us and the seminars in 3 cities were very successful. This time, we are back to conduct more informative sessions in more cities!

Users, Customers and Resellers interested in MySQL products are encouraged to attend. Exclusive seminars and networking events where you can explore the benefits of MySQL Enterprise are now available. Admission fee is free if pre-registered"

I would suggest if you are a developer/Database Admin/ Start-up u should attend this as it would open lot of possiblities.

Top notch people from MySQL would be visiting Bangalore Chennai and many other cities in India to grip along with the presence of Sun Microsystem.

So what are you waiting for? Come and Register now!!!!


The Other Side Of Bangalore!!!!

Well, I really feel this post may create some kind of debate or something. But I am just writing honestly about what is happening in Bangalore and why no one is caring about.

We all know and we all roam there freely, last weekend, a shocking incident happened.

Me and Sheena were going from MG Road, which is near Bangalore Central. And, what we see is "people thought we are Call girls from Bangalore". Holy Shit.

They didnt say anything or did they commented anything, but I read in his eyes the dirtiness {typical son-of-a-gun types}.

And, walking a little further, we see some real "Call girls" I guess, wearing sarees and all the stuff hanging down ....yuuuuuck.

And to tell you even more shocking news. The Police Jeep and some policemen were standing at the end of the road.

Now what do u call this?

Openly the "business" is going on and nobody to question? I wonder if they have bribed the policemen and got the "License" for the same.

Have u ever seen such Call girls from Bangalore in MG Road? Have u ever dared to complain to Police? Why does girls get into this business? What makes them do this shit?

Its a crime.

Why dont anyone raise voice against this call girl business? Why dont we people ask for answers to these questions?

What are your views on this? Please be honest in dropping comments, coz this can act as eye openers for lot of us.


Valentines Day Tips for Bangloreans!!!

Valentine's Day is around the corner and yes, many of the Bangaloreans are getting ready for the "D-Day"

Here are useful tips that can come handy on the special day with ur special ones.

1. If you are planning for movie, book the tickets before hand so that u dont upset ur dear one of not making it for the movie.

2. An, obvious reason for waiting outside any nice hotel/pub may be cause u didnt make plan it. So plan it very well.

3. Trying to buy some nice gift?

--Gift something which would be cherishable
-- Dont go by the "Cost" of the items. U can even gift a simple "Jute Bag" which comes for less than 200rs and she wud even like it.
-- For girls, dear guys are so moody animals on planet :) , but a t-shirt/Wallet with Kiss should be a nice idea.

4. Since, 14th Feb is on Thrusday, make it very special if you are newly married couples. Take off on Friday and u get an extended Weekend to njoy with ur family.

I can see the mood for the special Day is already showing colors and Bangalore is such a colorful place that u can almost see magical things happening on the day.

So now I ask u, what "Gifts" wud u suggest all other readers???

Drop ur comments and share with others some ideas for the day....